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Valuing The Process

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” -James Clear, Atomic Habits

The new year is here. Cue the New Year’s Resolutions and all the hype that comes with it.

Most of us, if not all of us, have been there. We feel this rush of inspiration to set a big goal for the coming year. We start the first couple weeks off strong. And then the motivation wears off, and we have no sustainable way to accomplish our goal.

Why is that? Why do we go into each new year thinking it will be different this time?

As a society, we’re enamored with end results. Who can blame us? We’re inundated with images of perfect little squares and finished products–whether it’s a fancy car, a job promotion, a dreamy vacation, or the latest trendy outfit. We have been programmed to believe that accomplishments are sexy, and of course they are!

You know what’s not sexy? Systems. Consistency.

No one’s talking about the “boring” habits it takes to achieve those outcomes. From the outside, everyone appears to be an overnight success…but guess what? The magic happens during the process, not just at the end result.

Having goals and dreams is not enough. When we put a plan in place, and create systems that help us take action and execute those plans, is when we accomplish those goals. We must plan and take consistent action in order to get the outcomes we want. The beauty about this path to success is it allows us to figure out what makes us successful, and replicate it over and over again.

Sometimes, even when we do all the “right” things, we may not get what we want. But it won’t matter, because we’ve learned to love the process more than the outcome.

I invite you to give this shift in mindset a try with me. Let’s focus our energy and attention away from the big shiny thing, and direct it towards the small daily actions.

The best part? We can create habits and implement systems on any day of the year. Let’s get started!