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Mark joins Dr. Richard Shuster on The Daily Helping podcast, to discuss the Culture of Opportunity and how it can work for people in different walks of life. Among other topics, Mark & Richard discuss:

  • The Opportunity Lab’s origin story, and how overcoming tragedy can teach us the power of kindness and the importance of gratitude
  • How to identify, explore, and harness your Resource Ecosystem
  • Letting go of your attachment to status, and finding a sense of purpose for yourself and your business
  • The value of checking in with your customers and employees–and finding out not just what they can do for you, but what you can do for them
  • The difference between things which happen to us, and things which happen through us
  • Challenging our beliefs and norms, and incorporating the perspectives of those whose life experiences differ from ours
  • The value of interdependence, and how generosity can literally make us feel better; similarly, what it means to give others the opportunity to help others

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