How to Use Assessments for Good

In a world increasingly obsessed with data and the fast, quantifiable results that online tools offer, how can organizations effectively measure engagement, effectiveness and culture?  And hire the right people to keep growing sustainably? Pre-hire assessments, employee and customer surveys, sales data and other data on an organization’s performance can be immensely helpful, but can also reduce complicated issues down to a few statistics. It is critical that in using data the context in which the data is gathered and used is properly understood.

Take the case of pre-hire assessments. In 2001, 26% of large U.S. employers used pre-hire assessments. By 2013, the number had climbed to 57%, and now 80% of top private employers use a pre-hire assessment. Studies have shown that while assessments sometimes lead to slower hiring rates while employers analyze data, employees who are hired through an assessment-based model are more likely to stay at their job longer. Also a prevalence of easy, inexpensive software can mean that administering these tests is easier than ever. However, personality tests and assessments for employees can sometimes cause problems if management does not effectively explain why they are being used done what they will measure. In addition, the results of these tools can often be confusing or contradictory so it is critical you have an experienced professional guiding you in the use and interpretation of the results.

At OppLab, we believe that carefully chosen and properly administered assessments are an invaluable way to understand the current state of your business and use that understanding to grow your business. All final candidates do a TTI Success Insights (Integrated Motivators and Behaviors) assessment, which we use as the basis for an extensive conversation with the prospective employee who gets to see the same information about them that we see. Rather than thinking of these assessments as “judging” employees, they provide context for matching the employee with the job, understanding their learning needs and the communication  that will best enable that employee to succeed. We also use of the Kolbe A Index and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Assessments. These assessments provide nuanced results rather than numeric ratings that can overly simplify human behaviors and motivations.

Additionally, within our professional development workshops, we provide assessment tools, such as those offered in our SuccessDNA workshop. This workshop focuses on looking at past professional successes and failures and, through a step-by-step methodology, realizing patterns in behavior and environment that allows employees and employers to work from their highest and best place. 

If you’re curious about what assessments can do for you, contact our Operations Associate at to take a FREE personal assessment, courtesy of The Opportunity Lab.

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