Smashing the Plateau and Everyday Awakening

Smashing The Plateau

Mark Monchek returns to David Shriner-Cahn’s podcast, Smashing the Plateau, to discuss:

  • A new way to think about disruption and opportunity
  • How a non-unique company thrives during a pandemic
  • The key frameworks necessary to build a culture of sustainability 
  • The wider lens of the collective intelligence 
  • A respectful back and forth between employees and employers 
  • Steps to do a better job of managing through disruptions 
  • The humility of interdependence 


Everyday Awakening

A note from Mark:

As we closing in on Thanksgiving, I feel more grateful for you than ever. 

In the spirit of giving, my friend and conscious leader, Sam Liebowitz has put his soul empowering Kindle book, Everyday Awakening, on sale today for only .99 cents (with plenty of gifts!).

Simply go here first to get the book: then get your receipt number and go here to claim your gifts:

I thought you’d want to know. It’s a great gift for yourself and you’ll be supporting a rising celebrity leader in the conscious space. 

Let Sam know on social media @SamLiebowitz that you got it.  I know he’ll appreciate that too.

With grace and gratitude,


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