Essentials of Abundant Leadership

Lead with your humanity; inspire the abundance of your team.

Program Benefits

  • Develop an abundant mindset so you can create more opportunities and build stronger relationships...
  • Maximize the success and satisfaction of the people that report to you.
  • Maximize your time and resources to get the highest level of impact.
  • Manage conflict and difficult situations effectively.
  • Build stronger communication and feedback skills.

Our Program

Essentials of Abundant Leadership offers a learning experience that will transform your thinking and behavior, empowering you to be a more conscious, caring and effective leader.

Our society has undergone drastic and rapid changes, forcing people to work more collaboratively. This program will help you learn to lead through sharing, supporting and inspiring others.

Our Promise

  • Create a safe, open environment that promotes deep listening, generosity and giving and receiving feedback
  • Provide a format that promotes experiential and continuous learning in support of the skills that we 
are teaching
  • Provide a format that encourages strong collaboration and mentorship between participants

Ten (90-Minute) Session Overview

Session I
What Does It Take To Become An Effective Leader?
Session II
Developing Effective Leadership Skills
Session III
Collaborative Communication
Session IV
Balanced Feedback
Session V
Managing Conflict
Session VI
Managing Difficult Situations
Session VII
Planning And Time Management
Session VIII
The Goal Achievement Process
Session IX
Session X
Using What We Have Learned

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