Share Lab

Keep Your People Connected, Cared About, and Functioning Effectively

Program Benefits

  • Provide a safe space for employees to reflect on their current situation, and to identify, develop, and express new perspectives on them.
  • Empower employees to access their vulnerability and connect with their colleagues on a personal level.
  • Create a space for teams to process their experiences, improving their skills and increasing their sense of gratitude and perseverance.
  • Provide leaders with an opportunity to enhance connections with their teams
  • Cultivate trained “in-house” Share Lab facilitators to continue sessions after the engagement

The Share Lab program is designed so members of your staff can be trained to facilitate a Share Lab. It is scalable and cost effective, with maximum flexibility.

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Our Program

Share Lab is a simple yet powerful tool to support organizations and their people in times of crisis or disruption.

Our society has undergone drastic and rapid changes, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to work more closely together despite being physically further apart. One of the best ways to process our experiences during these challenging times is with the groups with which we are most connected: our families, communities, and work teams. In a Share Lab, each participant has an opportunity to share how a situation affects them and how the group can support them.

Our Promise

  • To create an inclusive and nurturing environment for employees
  • To identify and train co-facilitator(s) in running Share Lab sessions
  • To provide brief post-event feedback


  • Assessment of needs via an online form and a debriefing session
  • Co-creation of a program plan, by Opportunity Lab and a representative of your organization
  • Co-facilitator training
  • Facilitated Share Lab sessions
  • Co-facilitators’ and leadership debriefing

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