The Culture of Opportunity Process

Growth challenges demand strategy.

Opportunity Lab is a strategy consulting firm focused on company growth through conscious business.

Your business is growing fast, but you don’t have a systematic plan to scale and sustain growth.

Maybe you’re at a standstill, with competitors and a fluctuating market challenging your company’s position.

Perhaps your landscape is shifting because of new leadership or changes in your company.

Can you turn challenge into opportunity? Opportunity Lab believes you can.

We work with you through a 5-step collaborative process to create a strategy for conscious growth.

Create a Culture of Opportunity.

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The Culture of Opportunity Process

  • Step 1

    First, we help you identify misalignments and perceived limitations that prevent you from sustainable growth.

    Effective change can’t happen without fully understanding your company’s ecosystem.

    We get your company ready for conscious growth. We guide you to uncover gaps, risks, misunderstandings, or overlooked opportunities that slow down your organization’s growth process. We help you understand what’s working well and could be leveraged further, and what areas need attention.

    Together, we gather information, analyze it, and build your capacity to truly connect and collaborate on a purposeful direction for your organization.

  • Step 2

    Next, we guide you to define your purpose for achieving growth. We clarify your goals with meaningful metrics. And we take an honest look at your successes and failures.

    The most enduring and resilient companies measure success across multiple dimensions. These often include customer experience, employee engagement, new product development, productivity, and return on assets or investment.

  • Step 3
    Unlock Your Network

    Then, we challenge you to visualize your Year of Opportunity with goals you didn’t previously think possible.

    We help you access the power of the resources you already have to identify and build your Opportunity Team of trusted advisors.

    And we guide you to visualize and create a Resource Map to strategically pursue the right opportunities for your organization’s growth.

  • Step 4
    Opportunity Plan

    We work together to develop immediate action steps and a robust system to operationalize your outcomes over the long term.

    Your organization has come a long way to strategically identify what leads to success and what resources are available within your ecosystem. Now, it’s time to plan and track exactly how you will execute your Year of Opportunity.

  • Step 5
    Implementation Support

    We support you and your team every step of the way. We know to realize a strategic growth plan takes care and discipline. We provide direction when you need it and ensure you’re on track.

    Based on the Culture of Opportunity process outcomes, we work together to identify any implementation support from the Opportunity Lab team. This is a flexible and individually tailored engagement that can range from an annual follow up facilitation to a specific step development on strategic change initiatives.

Create a Culture of Opportunity

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