The Top 5 Blog Posts on 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, the team at The Opportunity Lab is looking back at our top blog posts of the year. Which was your favorite? Comment below or email us at to let us know what you’d like to see more of in the new year.

  1. Excerpt from Upcoming OppLab Book: The Greater Good by Mark Monchek 
    The Culture of Opportunity: The Opportunity Lab Guide to Building A Successful, Sustainable Business by Mark Monchek will be hitting stands early 2017! In anticipation of OppLab’s first publication, here’s an exclusive excerpt, a section we’re calling ‘The Greater Good’. Stay tuned to learn more about the book. 
  2. 8 Social Impact Leaders on How to Achieve Gender Equality in the Workplace
    In the midst of the 2016 election, the topic of female leadership and gender equality sparks conversations in our lives on a daily basis. What is the best advice you’ve ever received on enabling gender equality? What has been the most pivotal moment for you in realizing its importance? Woman are innately empowered, what are some practical resources and steps one can take to ensure that we, as a scoiety, activate their success? We asked thought leaders and executives across industries about this. 
  3. The Overwhelmed workplace: The benefits and burdens of a flexible organization
    Is technology the problem or the solution? In recent years, employees have been working with greater flexibility than ever before. You can check email from the office, the train or the beach. Plus, our communication isn’t limited – information comes in via phone calls, video conferences, texts, chats, and tweets. While convenient, it has become clear that this new working culture comes with pros and cons: speed and convenience along with an overwhelming influx of information. So is this shift actually making employees more productive? Are these myriad communication methods actually making us better at communicating? How can we keep employees from getting overwhelmed? Recent studies have shown that establishing boundaries and communication procedures are an important factor in making innovative approaches to office life work for us rather than against us.
  4. 5 Branding Tips for Conscious Businesses
    A brand is more than a visual identity – a logo, a tagline – a brand represents how your organization or your products are seen by the world. Spending time on creating a strong brand (or revisiting a brand that may not reflect your current values) strengthens the identity, cohesion and strategy of your company. These challenges are especially important when discussing conscious business. The intersection of a business strategy with a value-based message creates unique marketing challenges that require a specific approach. So what are ways to “brand for good”? 
  5. The Power of Introverts

As the new Operations Manager at the Opportunity Lab, I have enjoyed the last few months learning about our dynamic clients and projects and becoming acclimated to our office environment. We work out of a coworking space called the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI-NYC), which we’ve mentioned here on the blog in the past. It’s a unique space full of innovative, entrepreneurial, and socially aware people with a trendy, open-concept aesthetic that I would call “industrial chic.” Among all of these spirited innovators, there is a lot of energy: networking, brainstorming, and testing of ideas. The space can get loud and a bit chaotic with all of this action. It’s a great place to stumble upon new business concepts or meet your next brilliant business partner.

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