Workshop Spotlight: SuccessDNA and How to Build Momentum in Your Business

Why is it that some businesses achieve success after success, while others struggle to gain or maintain momentum? What allows a company like Apple to continue to launch innovative products and capture greater market share time and time again? While many factors figure into an individual or organization’s success, a crucial component is their knowledge of their SuccessDNA.

​SuccessDNA ​is about understanding your strengths and weaknesses so that you can pursue the ideal opportunities for you and your organization. At its core, this means knowing what you do best and when you do it best. The most successful organizations and individuals know their SuccessDNA and stick to it – allowing them to replicate successful project time and time again.

One way to determine an organization’s SuccessDNA is to consider the intersection of three factors. First, what are the passions or mission driving the organization? Second, what is the company uniquely good at, what are the natural strengths and area of expertise? And lastly, what opportunities and resources are available to the business? All three of these factors are crucial for a company’s success, and work in tandem to create a unique SuccessDNA profile. 

Watch the video above to learn more about The Opportunity Lab’s SuccessDNA Workshop,  a time-tested approach to identifying an organization or individual’s unique SuccessDNA profile and maximizing the impact of that profile.

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