Building Cultures of Opportunity: Conscious Leadership

One of the most important principles for conscious leaders building Cultures of Opportunity is what I’ve come to call the greater good. As we move from a culture based on scarcity and competition into a culture of abundance and collaboration, our leaders need to develop the language, actions and beliefs that support this shift. This includes the belief that doing well in service of our own interests must also include working toward the greater good with our families, communities and organizations.

In order to be a champion of the greater good in your organization, you need to actively find ways to support the future of the people you work with. This includes asking them about where they want to take their career at your organization, what makes them happy or unhappy, and what you can do to help them move towards a future that inspires them. Rather than see your direct reports, peers, managers, and colleagues as competitors vying for a finite piece of the pie, you need to see them as interdependent with you—meaning, what is good for them is good for you and vice versa.


  1. Culture of Opportunity: How to Grow Your Business in an Age of Disruption
  2. The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership book and video by The Conscious Leadership Group 
  3. Locating Yourself—A Key to Conscious Leadership by The Conscious Leadership Group
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​Culture of Opportunity: How to Grow Your Business in an Age of Disruption

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