Success Stories
Feltsberg Enterprise, LLC

The Challenge

A California-based electrical supply distributor enterprise with 7 siloed portfolio companies throughout the US and Canada was struggling to grow. After Opportunity Lab’s initial business assessment, it became clear that the enterprise had:

  • no systematic strategic planning and execution process,
  • an unclear and ineffective organization structure,
  • and key gaps within the leadership team.

Our Approach


After analyzing the enterprise and its portfolio, Opportunity Lab recommended and worked with Feltsberg to implement a coherent and effective organization structure where the portfolio companies all operated within the enterprise framework as one collaborative and cohesive ecosystem while still maintaining appropriate autonomy levels in management, rather than as separate, siloed entities. Once the enterprise’s structure and culture were established, Opportunity Lab worked with Felstberg to establish a leadership team, consolidate a shared services area and develop and execute a strategic plan. Without strong leadership, an Opportunity Culture, and collaborative structure, developing and executing a coherent and effective enterprise strategic plan would have been unmanageable.

Opportunity Lab in partnership with Feltsberg:

  • Conducted a business review and strategic direction
  • Created and implemented an enterprise ecosystem structure and culture shifts
  • Strengthened the leadership team by successfully attracting best-in-class business leaders
  • Created and implemented a leadership team structure and best practices
  • Developed and supported execution of an enterprise strategic plan

The Results 

Feltsberg has achieved the following with Opportunity Lab’s services:

  • More than doubled annual revenues
  • Increased profits by over 20%
  • Increased client satisfaction to one of the highest in the industry in northern California
  • Improved efficiency through shared services
  • Robust strategic management systems for ensuring success
  • Transparency and inclusion practices in human resources management
  • Identification and capture of synergies across markets, products and business lines
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