Success Stories

The Challenge

Mapos, an innovative sustainable architecture and design firm, which has been featured in major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Architect Magazine, had some success in the first five years of existence, yet it knew it had an even greater potential. In its early years, Mapos took the projects it could get and made the best of them. While this brought in revenue and a list of satisfied clients, allowed it to hire staff and helped it to build a body of work, it was not always fully aligned with Mapos’ mission to design innovative and memorable experiences for those living, working, and visiting the spaces Mapos creates.

  • Opportunity Lab’s assessment found:
  • no strategic plan for reaching ideal customers,
  • misalignment between mission and customers,
  • and ineffective use of network and resources to reach ideal customers.

Our Approach

After fully understanding the type of customers Mapos wanted to reach and was prepared to engage, Opportunity Lab recommended that Mapos define its SuccessDNA so that it could replicate its past successes with its ideal customers. By reviewing Mapos’ five most successful projects, including the conditions inside the organization and marketplace during each project, it became clear that Mapos’ successes came from its collaborative, partnership approach with customers and deep experience in sustainable design.

Opportunity Lab in partnership with Mapos:

  • identified what had made it successful with previous customers
  • and how to align those strengths with reaching its ideal customers going forward.

The Results

Mapos achieved the following with Opportunity Lab’s services:

  • engaging new clients who align with its ideal customer profile,
  • and consistent and substantial growth.
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